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Business Insurance

Business Interruption

This is a type of coverage that compensates a business for lost income due to a disaster or other covered event.

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Commercial Property

Insurance policies designed to protect businesses against losses and damages to their physical assets.

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Insurance designed to help businesses mitigate the financial risks associated with cyber attacks and data breaches.

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EPL Insurance

Protects against claims made by employees, former employees, or potential employees alleging employment-related issues.

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General Liability

Protects from financial losses that result from third-party claims of injury, property and advertising damage.

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Professional Liability

Coverage designed to protect professionals against claims arising from mistakes, negligence, or inadequate work.

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Personal & Other

Auto Insurance

A basic automobile insurance policy safeguards against property damage, liability and medical costs.

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Life Insurance

If you or anyone in your family were to die suddenly, have you made the necessary financial planning preparations?

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Home Insurance

Before you pass papers on that new home, you’ll want to think about protecting your big investment.

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Condo Insurance

Safeguards your personal belongings and the parts of the building you own against most disasters.

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Motorcycle Coverage

Coverage for motorcyclists is basically the same as for automobile owners with some minor differences.

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Aegis Service Corp. can help you find the perfect whole-life insurance, term-life insurance and build value to help pay for your future needs.


We offer Directors & Officers Insurance and Errors and Omissions Liability specializing in the Non-Profit sector and misc. professionals.


We offer insurance for your personal automobile, homeowners, renters and recreational vehicle and other property and liability needs.


We offer insurance for all of your business needs, including liability, property, workers comp., bonds, autos and trucks.

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June 18, 2024

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I am no insurance expert so I needed some hand holding through the process and that’s exactly what I got. I was extremely impressed by the team’s level of professionalism and honesty.
Never had to purchase renter insurance but I had a very pleasant experience with this location. Went directly to the website to schedule an appointment. Walked in, sat right down with Ivan; he was patient, thorough, and to the point. Everything was clearly explained.
The staffs were professional and fast when they gave me the auto quote. I saved about 10% switching the carrier for the same coverage. It was easy and quick. I highly recommend. Only downside is staffs here only speak Mandarin and English.
I switched here after being with another insurance agency where the staff was really unreliable. I love this agency. When I call, it always seems like they have my file in front of them immediately, and they handle whatever I need right away. Super friendly staff.