Aegis, derived from the ancient Greek mythology Zeus Aegis, it has a strong protection force. As Aegis Service Corp., we provide the protection for our customer’s interests.

Since established in 2001, Aegis Service Corp. represents more than 100 insurance products across the United States. The company professionally manages various types of insurance, which includes personal insurance, commercial insurance, construction insurance, pet insurance and other insurance products. We choose the most suitable and most cost-effective products on behalf of our customers. We focus on commitment to meet customer needs while protecting the interests of the claims.

In past 15 years, Aegis Service Corp. focus on employee training and customer interests, understand customer’s needs, policy terms explanation, emphasis on claims service and provide a reasonable price.

Focus on the staff training. We pay attention to cultivating their passion and humble work attitude, as well as to use rational thinking provides services our customers.

Understand customer’s needs. We, as insurance representatives, we shall understand the customer’s circumstances and needs from the perspective of theirs, to help them solve practical problems.

Policy terms explanation. As a qualified insurance representative, we explain in details to customers regarding the insurance products they purchased from us. We are analyzing the term and condition of insured policy with customers patiently and highlighted the policy that does not guarantee within the terms.

Emphasis on claims service. The Same insurance company may occur various claims situation. We focus on performing our best and improve claim rate for our customers, to gain more trust from customers.

Provide a reasonable price. We strive to find the most suitable products and price. The cheapest insurance products are not necessarily the most appropriate insurance products for our customers. We are committed to providing customers with the most suitable products to provide the best protection.

Aegis Service Corp. is a customer-oriented, problem-solving insurance broker that you deserved. The broker you keep.